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I Help Set You Apart From Your Competition Using Motion And Design!

We Don't Just Provide You With What You Want But Also With What You NEED!

Struggling to get your message seen?

I get it!

I understand how tough it is building a successful brand and the amount of work and time that it takes. You shouldn't be wasting precious time or energy worried about your media or content being visible but focused on more important things... your business.

Tired of spending time creating your own media?

Is your brand confusing to your customers?

Are your competitors using more creative, innovative solutions?

Is your brand story or message not clear enough?

DG Grafix brings you creative, innovative solutions that help make you stand out and save you valuable time.

Here's how we can help you

DG Grafix isn't just a one off design studio I look to position myself as your strategic brand design partner dedicated to understanding your business or brand and bringing you value and creativity which benefits you by:

Getting more time to work ON your business

Having a uniform cohesive look to your brand

Getting more eyes on your brand to drive more sales

A quick, affordable solution that helps drive results

Design Graphic

Our Easy 3D Process

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Step 1. Discovery

First I perform a Brand Design Assessment into your business to discover your roadblocks, challenges and pain points and then create a roadmap to get you to your ultimate destination.

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Step 2. Design

Then I take your roadmap and what I've learned in your Brand Design Assessment and I start to design and develop your brand elements and content.

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Step 3. Deliver

Once I go through your design and development stage comes the fun part where I deliver your final content and then implement them into your brand to help set you apart from the rest.

Your Brand Strategist

I have over 25 plus years experience developing brands for businesses and entrepreneurs using innovative, creative solutions that help raise their visibility above their competitors by offering quick, affordable motion graphics, video animation and digital design solutions.

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Don is the ultimate professional. He is full of integrity and his work is one of the highest quality. You will surely be pleased with his work and patronize his services again.

Jettie Brookins | Assist Principal Katy ISD

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