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Who I Am

I’ve had a passion for graphics, drawing and animation for as long as I can remember. I was that kid that spent my Saturday mornings with my bowl of Capt’n Crunch cereal engrossed in my morning cartoons and created all kinds of worlds with my toys. All I wanted to be was a syndicated comic strip artist with my own comic strip and I just loved art and drawing.

Fast forward some years and I’ve been blessed to still work in this creative space that I love so much. I’ve been able to graduate with a degree in visual communications and have over 25 years of experience creating and working on a lot of different types of projects for clients.

My goal is to always be creative and help to inspire others along the way. Sharing my gifts with others and giving as much value as I can.

Never let that little creative
child inside you go!



Don Terrell


2D|3D Motion Graphics  • Video Animation • Digital Design • Brand Style Guide Design • Web Design • Intros and Outros • Explainer Videos • 2D|3D Animation • Augmented Reality • Interactive Design • 3D Modeling • Brand Design Consulting


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